The filmmakers are currently working with the international NGO, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, on initiatives to use Yoch in conservation education across the Caribbean. Tim Wright, renowned wildlife biologist who studies the behavior and conservation of wild parrots, says: “’Yochi’ is a story that people can relate to. It has such beautiful setting and beautiful characters. I think it really has the power to change people’s minds about the impact of the wildlife trade in ways that 100 scientific papers could never do.

In 2016, the filmmakers, actors and the Belize Film Commission took the film (still without its final sound mix) on a 5-city screening tour across Belize, to raise awareness about poaching and the illegal wildlife trade. These outdoor screenings in town squares were attended by hundreds of people, from leaders of political parties and international NGOs, to the British High Commissioner, to people from rural villages. The filmmakers are currently planning a screening tour in remote villages in the Adjacency Zone between Belize and Guatemala.

Lapid is currently developing an adventure feature film focusing on poaching in the Chiquibul jungle in Belize, near the border with Guatemala. She recently returned from an expedition in the Chiquibul, where she and her team were embedded with Belizean rangers, as part of her research for the feature.